• Magnus Allan

    Magnus Allan

    Freelance content strategist available for all types of content work. Latest blog post: Anarchy in the financial services… https://tinyurl.com/yaw8wlcy

  • Kevintamon


  • FinTeix pte. Ltd.

    FinTeix pte. Ltd.

    We are a disruptive blockchain company based out of Singapore, our aim is to disrupt the banking and financial sector primarily to restore trust and integrity!

  • IDHub


    IDHub is a decentralized digital identity application platform build on Blockchain. It allows users to enjoy greater identity sovereignty.

  • Dimitris Provatas

    Dimitris Provatas

  • Paresh Masani

    Paresh Masani

    Executive Director | Project Lead | iOS Architect & Contractor | Developer | Influencer | Advisor | Blockchain Lover

  • Tom Jordan

    Tom Jordan

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